This site is dedicated to showcase works of photographer and graphic artist Mari Oku. Mari Oku draws inspiration from surrounding nature and people.  She is especialy known for her Fine Art and Fashion and Portrait Photography that captures people in a new light.

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Fine Art Photography

 Fine Art Photography 

Artistic photography with Graphic Art enhancement tells a story like no other.

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There are range of photography services offered by Mari Oku. For simple outdoor portrait and simple product photos, please visit Service page for price list.  For commercial photopgraphy for brands and companies and high-end personal artistic portrait, please feel free to Contact the studio to have a chat of what you’d like to be captured.

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Mari is a Photographer and Visual Artist who was born and raised in Japan with mixed background.After graduating her high school in Japan, she travels to Australia to study art and design. After graduated in Fine Art majoring in Fashion, she runs a couture wedding label “Studio Enshi” for few years. Created gowns for beauty pageants, dancers and TV presenters who live in Australia and Japan.

After closing the fashion label, Mari Oku worked as in-house Product Photographer before venturing her own Photography and Visual Art business. She provides services to various businesses for their commercial needs as well as having portrait session for models and everyday people. On the side, Mari enjoys running photography group to share and spread the joy of Nature and Astro photography.